Byōdō Game-System, S.L.

Byōdō Game-System, S.L.

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Byōdō Game-System is a game publishing company that designs and distributes the BYŌDŌ® game. BYŌDŌ® is a mathematical or multi-game system that helps people engage with mathematics through games and puzzles. The system consists of hexagonal tiles and polyhedral dice. The hexagonal tiles are numbered from 0 to 9 and have slots on the sides in the shape of half a mathematical operator for addition, subtraction, and equality. When two or more pieces are combined on the corresponding side, the operator is formed at the junction between the tiles, allowing the creation of chains of equations in a visual and manipulative way. The BYŌDŌ® tiles combined with the dice allow for playing and creating an endless number of games with mathematical operations as their main mechanic.

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